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Author Erin G. Burrell is an author and an intuitive empath who loves to connect to spirit through Tarot cards. Working only from a place of love and light, Erin has a gift for giving and receiving messages on a soul level. Her readings have helped many individuals seeking answers about their personal path. Erin’s intentions for her readings are that they be healing, enlightening, and fun. She is a natural teacher and brings a wealth of life experiences to her readings. Her educational background and 25 year career with the state, have given her the opportunity to mentor and work with people from all walks of life. Tarot readings have allowed her to do much the same but from a far different perspective.

Erin was inspired to write her memoir, That’s Why You’re Here: A Journey From Grief To Metaphysical Awareness, by those who came to her for Tarot readings. The people who sat across from her at fairs and festivals seemed to be going through life situations she’d already experienced. Available on Amazon.

Visit her website at https://www.egbtarot.com/.

Author Jessica Cline writing as Jessica Arden is the author of Once Ghosted, Twice Shy, the first in the Ghosted paranormal cozy mystery series. She’s stomped grapes in her native California, hiked 350 miles on an ancient pilgrimage route in Spain, had breakfast with a coatimundi in Costa Rica, and spent the night in a monastery. But wherever life takes her, her true north will always be with her husband and two energetic boys.

When she’s not writing, you can find Jessica teaching, crafting, or hyper focusing on her latest research obsession. Jessica's short fiction has appeared in Woman's World as well as multiple anthologies.

Learn more at https://jessicaarden.com.

Elaine Faber, an award winning author, lives in Elk Grove, CA. She is a member of Sisters in Crime (SIC), Cat Writers Association (CWA), Northern California Publishers and Authors (NCPA), and Elk Grove Writers Guild (EGWG). She has published nine cozy mystery novels, an anthology of short cat stories, multiple short stories in twenty-one independent anthologies, and various awards and contests.

Three of Elaine’s humorous WWII historical fiction Mrs. Odboddy’s novels have won annual book awards through NCPA as well as Excellence in Writing Certificates from Cat Writers Association.

Elaine volunteers at the American Cancer Society Discovery Shop in Elk Grove, CA. She lives with her husband and two housecats, the inspiration for her cozy mystery cat series, Black Cat Mysteries and multiple short stories that include cats.

Elaine enjoys working with other writers and is always available to offer advice, beta read, or edit other author’s manuscripts. She feels it is important to ‘pay it forward,’ as she received much valuated mentoring at the beginning of her writing career.

Learn more at www.mindcandymysteries.com.

Multiple award-winning author Eric J. Gates has had a curious life filled with the stuff of thriller novels. Writing Operating Systems for Supercomputers, cracking cryptographic codes under extreme pressure using only paper and pen, and teaching Cyberwarfare to spies are just a few of the moments he's willing to recall. He is an ex-International Consultant who has travelled extensively. His specialty, Information Technology Security, has brought him into contact with the Military and Intelligence communities on numerous occasions. He is also an expert martial artist, holding 14 black belt degrees in distinct disciplines. He has taught his skills to Police and Military personnel, as well as to the public.

He now writes thriller novels, drawing on his experiences with the confidential and secret worlds that surround us. Learn more at www.ericjgates.com.

Amazon Author pages:

UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/-/e/B0030H3Y3A/

US: http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B0030H3Y3A/

Psychic Joseph Martin is the WINNER of the “Visionary Award of Excellence” and his work, “The Quest Tarot” is WINNER of “Best New Age Product of the Year”. His book and deck are now in 6 countries and in 5 languages.

Joseph has been a professional psychic for over 30 years, and has been featured at the largest Metaphysical shows on the West Coast. A frequent speaker and presenter, Joseph’s television show “Paranormal Insights” ran for 5 years and was awarded 6 video excellence awards. His web series “The Magic Minute”, starring Joseph, is playing on different stations throughout California and on can be seen on YouTube.

Reading for Hollywood celebrities is the same as reading for us regular folk and Joseph’s clients come from all over the world to seek his special abilities. He has been a regular at the Los Angeles Tarot Symposium, The Bay Area Tarot Symposium, The Bay Area UFO Expo, and VIP Guest at ConspiracyCon as well as being featured at the huge Conscious Life Expo and the New Living Expo, in San Francisco.

You can reach Joseph Ernest Martin at www.questtarot.com, or email at joseph@questtarot.com, or call/message at 510-387-3328.

USA Today & Amazon Best Selling Author, Casi McLean, pens novels to stir the soul, crossing genres from ethereal captivating shorts with eerie twist endings to believable time slips, ghostly encounters, mystical plots, heart-pounding thrillers, and romantic suspense. Known for enchanting stories with magical description, Casi McLean entices readers with fascinating hooks to hold them captive in storylines they can't put down.

As a child, Casi’s imagination spun stories before she could write, and her fantasies opened doors to magical kingdoms where wishes came true. When her fourth-grade teacher chose Madeleine L'Engles’ A Wrinkle In Time to read to the class, she fell in love with time travel. Through high school and college, her creativity blossomed until unwritten book ideas burst to the surface. Now, from her Lake Lanier, Georgia home, Casi spends her days creating her dreams, plotting twists, listening to her characters whisper new stories, and breathing life into their tales.

Learn more at https://casimclean.com.

Psychic Linda Schooler has been a professional psychic for over thirty years. In addition to biographical information about Linda, she hoped to include a heartfelt message for the reader. She has been on various radio stations in the Sacramento area, including KSFM, KNCI, The Eagle and the The Zone. She has been on local television, as well as in the “Best Of” Edition of the Sacramento News and Review for Best Psychic in 2002. Throughout those experiences she remained committed to bringing each person the best reading she could. Today she hopes that people may find that they, too, have intuition and her hope is to help them understand and enhance their own awareness and self-growth.

Learn more at http://lindaschooler.com.

Dänna Wilberg is the author of the Borrowed Time paranormal suspense series, featuring psychic Suzanne Cash. Dänna produced and hosted “Paranormal Connection” for Access TV in Sacramento for 15 years, taped over 500 shows, interviewing psychics, UFO experts, tarot readers, ghost hunters, people who experienced near-death experiences, remote viewers, palm readers, healers, shamans, astrologers, numerologists, and those with telekinetic gifts, and more.

Dänna has been curious about the unknown since childhood. She comes from a long line of intuitive women, and has passed these gifts to her own daughters as well. She studied with a local celebrity psychic for years, learning about spirit activity, orbs, synchronicity, psychometry, past lives, healing, and how to tap into one’s own power. She loves the writing path she is on, and sprinkles paranormal elements in her stories and short films every chance she gets.

Learn more at http://www.dannawilberg.com or Dänna's Amazon Author's Page.

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